Schlangen Family Farm

Schlangen Family Farm
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Alvin Schlangen and FarmMatch

Order a wider variety of fresh local farm grown foods from Schlangen Family Farm at FarmMatch is connecting millions of people, of all races and creeds, united for a local, organic, non-genetically modified food chain. An unprecedented shift is taking place in our planet's food system and the time to make your statement about food is now.

FarmMatch visually organizes the local food movement in your area so you can easily connect with the people that produce, buy, sell and eat the food.

About Alvin

On August 15, Freeport farmer Alvin Schlangen was convicted by a Stearns County jury on five counts for violations of the Minnesota food and dairy code. The five charges against him were (1) operating without a food handlers permit, (2) distributing misbranded food, ...