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Be Well, Alvin...

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Schlangen Family Farm

In partnership with our wonderful site-host families across Central Minnesota and the TC metro, we've built a private network thru

 and are able to provide fresh produce, meats, and grocery items delivered to their community - direct from the farm. Each week, member families request food via our private site and pick up at their community dropsite. Each site has the potential to build community and our member-only yahoo discussion group allows for participation from all who are interested.

We deliver the best of Minnesota natural foods to families across the state - from our farm near Freeport, Minnesota. Our members are families who care about what they eat and the people who make nutrient-dense food happen. Our private food system is aptly named Freedom Farms Coop as an offshoot of the regulatory interference that our commercial food system uses to eliminate competition. If you want nutrient-dense food, you must forego the toxins that accompany commercial foodstuffs and rather seek a sustainable source! Voluntary delivery and farm supported overhead make this project work, even as we strive to build a long-term plan that will continue this effort for years to come..

Monoculture Free Eggs

We've made a major shift in sourcing feed ingredients! We no longer support any source of feed that is influenced by monsanto, that means NO soy, corn or wheat! We add sunshine and grass (year-round)! Hens enjoy at least two seasons of pasture before retiring to serve as a very high value soupstock!


Our hogs are the recovered genetics of the Lucky Pig pork that once gained favor at the Trad Foods MN Warehouse back in the days of this local food excitement in south Minneapolis. The city and mda put a stop to this site of access to farm food and brought the need for an alternative that is private food ownership.

Berkshire and Mulefoot hogs are both heritage breeds and adapt well to pasture based farming. The other RED MEAT, this option looks more like grass-fed beef or wild deer than the marketed white meat pork of mass-confinement.. We've had interest in breeding stock from Dakotas as well as Wisconsin as real food makes it's way into growing families long-term health objectives.

Be Well, Alvin...


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